I Thought We Voted National – Labour’s In Charge, Can We Still Hire Filipinos?

This blog will be my first of many to keep clients, candidates and friends of CC Recruitment Limited up to speed on the issues facing our industry.

The turnout of voters for the 2017 election was 73% more than those that showed up in 2011 and 42% higher than votes made in 2014. We should feel comfortable that the government in power today is representing more New Zealanders than ever before. But do we feel this way?

Aside from the recent election, voter turnout has been on a downward slide since the 1960s, when it reliably reached 90 per cent. It has declined in each election since the start of MMP, with the exception of 2002. Does MMP remain to be the most suitable system for electing government when coalitions or agreements between political parties are usually needed before Governments can be formed?

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