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CC Recruitment can help you find the best vacancies in New Zealand. We’ll handle all your migration application paperwork and travel planning, settling you in New Zealand, including your family. We’ll make sure you are happy in your work environment and provide options to upskill, get new work certifications and bring new opportunities.

Please complete the application form, and don’t forget to attach your most recent resume, preferably in .pdf format.

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Candidate Testimonials

I've been working for seven months in Waikato as a beekeeper. I like my job because it's challenging and rewarding. Plus, I enjoy working in nature. I moved to New Zealand for a higher salary and to support my family back home. The thing I like the most about living here is the friendly and accomodating people.


Dairy farm assistant

I'm a dairy farm assistant, and I've worked here for two months. It's a friendly working environment, and the people are easy to work with. I chose to come and work in New Zealand because it's a beautiful country, people follow the proper rules and the regulations and the Government is good. My favourite thing about living in New Zealand is the green environment. The nature here is very relaxing and stress-relieving.



I am a kennel hand worker located in Palmerston North. Life has been tough when Covid started and as a Tourism graduate in Rotorua, I was struggling to find a job in the Tourism Industry because basically some of the Tourism businesses shut down or redundant their staff. When I came across CC Recruitment on Facebook, I saw a job advertisement that was a kennel hand worker, which is basically taking care of dogs, but not just ordinary dogs, it was Greyhound racing dogs. I am a dog lover so I applied and got the job. It is definitely hard work, but it is fun and an on-going learning experience. I would like to thank CC Recruitment for assisting me throughout my journey from the day of my job interview through my visa application.


Kennel Hand

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Fast-track 2021 Residence Visa

Finally, some fabulous news for our migrant workers and their families!

As we continue to strive against the pandemic, recent immigration news offers some hope to the migrant community that has been a long time overdue.

The NZ government recently announced a new one-off residence pathway for temporary work visa holders in New Zealand. CC Recruitment is extremely satisfied with this announcement as it will allow work visa holders, including their partners and dependents, to finally achieve permanent status in New Zealand.

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