Landlords and Tenants: Your New Obligations​


With new regulations around minimum standards for rentals established this year, as well as amendments to the Residential Tenancies Act (RTA), it’s important landlords and tenants know what their obligations are.

The national median weekly rent is $500 per week according to Trade Me’s latest rental data, which new recruits coming from the Philippines may find staggering. Thankfully many of our employees have on site accommodation, so this cost is kept much lower.

Top 5 Ways To Keep Your Staff


With the unemployment rate at an historically low level, it is harder than ever to retain your best employees. Gone are the days when staff will stick with a job where they’re not happy; there are just too many opportunities out there for them to explore.

5 Myths About Migrant Workers


When employers look for new staff, there’s often slim pickings in the local talent pool. But the idea of employing migrant workers comes with its own concerns. Employers often believe that the process is far too challenging and fear that a migrant employee is risky, time-consuming or an expensive proposition.