Are you under pressure?

It’s the time of year when the pressure is really building up at work, often in preparation for a rest period over summer. Spring is almost over, which is typically a very busy and stressful time for farmers, but the back log of work to be completed before some employees take time off around Christmas can mean the pressure gets to employers and employees alike.

CC Recruitment moves into new territory

Spring is in the air! For farmers that means calving is winding up, but there’s a huge focus now on milk production, so no rest for anyone! For those of you in construction, apiculture, and hospitality, the winter season can be equally grueling and you can lose your drive and focus. Spring is a great chance to regroup and re-motivate yourself.

More success stories and tackling worker concerns

Due to the current shortage of truck drivers, CCR has started bringing overseas truck drivers to New Zealand. Cameron from J Swaps was one of the first to snap up the opportunity to employ overseas truck drivers after hearing about CCR from some of J Swaps’ farming clients. Cameron said the company had had difficulty with finding candidates in New Zealand due to the lack of availability of suitable employees. Hence, Cameron turned to CCR to find him a couple of truck drivers. Not long after, CCR provided J Swaps with two truck drivers, Gennell and Christopher who have 9 years’ truck driving experience between them.