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Before You Decide To Quit

When employers look for new staff, there’s often slim pickings in the local talent pool. But the idea of employing migrant workers comes with its own concerns. Employers often believe that the process is far too challenging and fear that a migrant employee is risky, time-consuming or an expensive proposition.

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It’s More Fun In The Philippines!

My family (Andrea, Lucas and Santiago Ryan) and I were lucky enough to get a break over the Xmas period and chose to spend this time in the Philippines gaining a greater affinity with the culture and traditions of a country and people we have grown to love. Filipino people have sometimes been characterised to a Chameleon who easily adapt to unlike environments and thrive to survive. This unique ability ensures the success of Filipino people in environments like the New Zealand dairy industry that by all accounts is not an easy occupation and takes commitment and motivation, traits that Filipinos have in spades!

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Bridging People For A Better Life

Bison Management Corporation (BMC) is a licensed, privately-owned recruitment and placement company based in Manila, Philippines. Since 1983, BMC has successfully deployed many highly-qualified Filipino professionals and skilled workers throughout the world – in neighboring Asian countries, Middle East, Europe, USA and NZ. CC Recruitment Limited has been dealing exclusively with Bison Management Corporation since October 2014, bringing quality staff to New Zealand to meet the employment needs of employers here in New Zealand.

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