About us

Opportunity Changes Lives

Good People

working with people who genuinely want to move forward and care about the people around them.


Right Person Right Role

ensuring the fit is right so everyone is set up for success.


Creating a pathway

demystify and declutter the end-to-end journey needed to make it happen.


CC Recruitment provides skilled migrant workers with excellent working experience for multiple industries in various New Zealand locations.

We solve people problems by providing opportunity-creating connections that change lives

CCR has a unique opportunity to pave the way for employers to understand the positive, if not life changing, impact of giving opportunity to ‘alternative’ yet highly capable resource pools. We realise nothing comes easy, and real success comes from surrounding yourself with good people and investing in them, so everyone prospers.

The time is right to have the conversation around the power of diverse good staff.

PEOPLE MATTER – We connect with people from a wide range of backgrounds and cultures, as we believe inclusion is a key driver for success.

THINK DIFFERENTLY – We challenge norms and inspire acceptance of new approaches to deliver better solutions.

MAKE A DIFFERENCE – We listen and do what it takes to collaboratively navigate people through the process.

DO WHAT IT TAKES – We are 110% invested in identifying the right solutions when problem-solving to deliver a win-win result.

As a full-service recruitment company, we have evolved our business and built CCR Group that serves as the mother company of CC Recruitment, CC Immigration, CC HR Support and CC Education. We are proud to represent over 530 businesses and more than 1,200 successfully placed candidates with New Zealand employers.

The demand for quality, hardworking staff in New Zealand has increased over the past several years. This development pushed CCR Group to expand our services beyond our humble beginnings in dairy farming. Today, we provide skilled workers to industries such as apiculture, animal handling, truck driving, mechanics, construction, manufacturing, housekeeping, healthcare and more.

CCR Group has a talented team that specialises in recruitment, immigration and pastoral care, ensuring the successful placement of candidates across all business types. We have dedicated in-house immigration advisers to make employing migrant staff easy. CCR Group’s immigration advisers offer work, student, partnership, visitor and residence category visas, as well as assistance with becoming an accredited employer.

Our services go beyond solving your employment needs – we make sure both employees and employers are happy. We also provide a pastoral care service, which helps migrant staff settle into New Zealand.

CCR Group also ensure staff have quality working conditions in locations throughout New Zealand. Let us do the hard work for you.

FIRSTHAND EXPERIENCEWe are passionate and knowledgeable, driven by authentic, real-life encounters and firsthand experience. 

END TO END KNOWLEDGEWe have a knowledgebase built with decades of experience in immigration, recruitment and pastoral care to provide specific client services and solutions.

ROI – Clients keep coming back as they value and trust CCR’s genuine interest in helping candidates and customers.

EXPERTS IN OUR FIELDWe have a superior understanding of protocols and processes and are well respected for our quality applications. We are good at what we do.

CC Recruitment Is a Dedicated, Full-service Recruitment Company With Decades of Collective Experience Servicing Hundreds of Businesses in Different Industries and Sectors.​

Why Choose Us

We’ve worked hard to get to where we are today, and we did it with the support of good people willing to be in the trenches with us. It’s getting harder to find good people, and New Zealand does not have the workforce available, so we’re open to trying new things and embracing new cultures. We can’t support our families and run our business the way we would like without good people, which is everything to us.

RIGHT SOLUTIONSWe provide the right solutions to all of your concerns, resolving issues, seeing them through, and making life easier for employers and candidates

END TO ENDWe will champion and lead you through the entire process, handling everything involved to ensure a positive outcome: seamless engagements and consistent tracking and communication.

BETTER GUARANTEED – We understand the importance of great staff. Senior vetting of candidates and guaranteeing the right placement no matter what it takes.

LIKE FAMILY – From our family to yours, we have a solid drive to create positive outcomes and relish in the satisfaction of providing brighter futures.

WORRY FREE – We are happy to go the extra mile to provide constant and excellent service every time to ensure better results so you can have peace of mind.

Meet Our Amazing Team Who Continuously Provides Excellent Assistance to Our Clients And Candidates​​