We know all too well how difficult it can be obtaining high caliber farm staff. Cross Country Recruitment will do all the hard work for you, leaving you to focus on the other matters – like how much money and sanity you save by having decent workers on board. We share an in depth knowledge of New Zealand employment law combined with the farming know how to ensure the right candidates arrive at your gate.

We will come to you at the house or the shed to see and discuss what you need from your future workers. If you need, Cross Country Recruitment can provide you with the contracts, comprehensive job descriptions and all other administrative matters relating to your staff.

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Contacts Information

Level 3,
71 London St,
Hamilton 3204 NZ

Phone: 07 974 9201

Frequently Asked Questions

I have struggled for years to find good workers to work on my farm, how do you find suitable staff?

A lot of our clients have been in you position. Cross Country Recruitment has a Kiwis First commitment but when there a none available we look overseas on your behalf to find the best worker. Migrant workers come to New Zealand with a strong work ethic, a desire to succeed and incredible loyalty.

I don’t want to employ someone with bad English. How do you make sure my worker has good English?

Cross Country Recruitment uses a double screening method which insures our candidates have good English. First our candidates are interviewed in a Manila office, then the good candidates are interviewed with our recruitment manager Warrick.

What happens if the placement does not work out?

We realise on occasion personalities can clash or the fit is not right. In the event this occurs Cross Country Recruitment offers a no charge replacement guarantee.

We run a high-input farm, will a migrant worker be up to the standard to work on these types of farms?

Cross Country Recruitment focuses on recruiting workers who have already worked in modern intensive farming operations. This means that they have experience on big farms in Saudi Arabia, Japan and other places around the world, similar to farming systems in New Zealand. We also have candidates with New Zealand farming experience. Just like anyone starting out a new season on a new farm, you will need to introduce them to your process and management style but we are very confident we can help you.

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